Servicios de Brolly

Brolly was established in 1990 and since then it has steadily become an expert in all areas of business needs, including tax, accounting, employment, homeowners associations, general insurance & legal advice for the purchase, selling or inheritance of properties. Brolly also provides many other services.

Admininistrative Management & Consultancy

We cover everything, from opening a business, changing the activity or the ownership of businesses, resale of vehicles or properties. These administrative tasks give rise to different legal and fiscal issues and carry important responsibility; brolly can assist you in ensuring that these tasks are carried out swiftly and effectively, making sure that every party involved is notified of any important changes.


Tax & Accounting Services

  •  Consultancy for self employed or registered businesses.
  • Accounting and book keeping for businesses; creation and presentation of tax documents to Hacienda as required on an ongoing basis.
  • Advice, consultancy and processing of any resale activity and inheritances.
  • Advice and preparation for tax office inspections

Yearly Tax Returns

  1. Creating your Yearly Tax Return for those resident in Spain.
  2. Sending it digitally via our certified digital connection with the tax authorities.
  3. Ability to recover any tax return presented via the internet 4 years thereafter.

Employment Advisor

  • Provisioning and supply of the cotizacion bulletins.
  • Advice and consultancy regarding employment obligatios, including requirements like defering & fractioning, etc...
  • Supply and provisioning of payroll
  • Retention certificates
  • Inscription and removal of employees in the Social Security system
  • Formalization and processing of work contracts for INEM.
  • Liquidation of outstanding pay and settlements.
  • Creation of Business Certifactes
  • Creation of working calendar, as supplied by the collective agreement.
  • Recourse action against the Social Security and its related authorities.
  • All of the documents mentioned above that require a legal stamp, will be provided by our advisors, free of charge.
  • RED systems.

Insurance Brokers

We are agents for Seguros Catalana Occidente and we cover every single insurance policy that is offered in the marketplace today.

We can provide you with an estimate and insurance coverage immediately for any of the listed items below: Home, Vehicle, Health (medical insurance, hospital insurance), Life insurance, Savings, Communities, Office, Public Liability, Civil Liability, etc...


Management and Creation of Homeowner Associations

Most people recognise that living in a community of homeowners can bring about a lot of potential conflicts and problems. In most cases, these issues can arise due to miscommunication between different homeowners and due to the lack of knowledge of the applicable laws. These misunderstandings can turn into bigger problems if a suitable solution cannot be found.

All of the above requires a tailored service to ensure that any dispute or conflict is managed appropriately thereby minimizing the risk of the issue going further to the law courts.


In a homeowners association there is always some disagreement between individuals and it is not always easy to reach a mutually beneficial decision for all involved. The following points summarises the main issues to manage and advise on when managing a homeowners association.


Point 1

Each co-owner has the obligation to pay their monthly community fees. If the payment is not made, the cashflow pressure that this creates on the community as a whole can be burdensome as the community needs to pay ongoing bills, for example for garden and pool maintenance, etc.

In these instances, it is very important to get the courts involved quickly so that the debt owed by some of the homeowners is paid in full swiftly.


Point 2

In other instances, the affected party can be he homeowner themself, who is not in agreement with issues adopted in the homeowners association as they affect him or her directly or they have been agreed in fundamental breach. In this case, it is necessary to present a request to anull or contest the community rights.


Point 3

Sometimes, the problems that arise in the homeowners association can be resolved with the mediation of a specialized lawyer that can advise the community board both the pros and cons of adopting a certain resolution.



In view of the above the Advisor of the Homeowners association is structured in accordance to Horizontal Property and Civil legislation and is there to carry out a complete management solution for the community of homeowners, to include but not limited to accounting and legal mediation between individual homeowners and the association.




We can also provide billing of community fees, debt management, third party relationship management (insurance, constructors, garden and pool maintenance, etc...) and lastly the management of Homeowner Association Board Meetings.

Management and Creation of Companies and Enterprises

  • Checking and Obtaining a company name from Companies House
  • Creation of the company at public notaries.
  • Request and deliver VAT number or CIF.
  • Inscription in the IAE (Taxable Activities)
  • Inscription in Companies House
  • Accounting and official book keeping, company tax declarations, yearly accounts preparation and presentation at companies house, etc..
  • Company Liquidations
  • Mercantile Contracts
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